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The gentle and SHALLOW insertion of a fingertip into a partner's bottom as part of sexual activity. A technique sometimes used to 'tip over' a partner whose orgasm is about to occur.
"Hi Donna - when does Jeremy get back from East?"

"He got home last night - I nhadn't seen him for 3 weeks so I was really horny, as you'd expect!"

"I hope he didn't let you down - some guys are real short fuse shooters when they've been away for a while?"

"No, he was in for the long ride home, and he slipped me a little ring dipper just as I came - oh, Karen, I just sobbed it was so strong. He sure knows how to take care of me in bed."

"You lucky girl - hearing that's gonna give me lip trickle so I hope I have some spanties in my bag!"
by Katie4eyes February 15, 2018
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