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One of the strangest people in a school of freaks, stoney creek high school. Possibly autistic, she can be seen running through the halls holding all of her books. If you don't see her though, she's probably just wearing all camouflage clothing. Why? No one knows, not even the few people she talks to. With few friends, she often talks to teachers telling them shit no one gives a shit about and if they respond her tiny fetal face lights up with gratification. She is so desperate for attention that she will do anything to get even some recognition, i.e. taking assignments to the max when it is a simple presentation or crying because something slightly unfair happened (get over it you privileged white bitch you know how hard this shit is for everyone else?) Overall she is really fucking annoying, and most people at stoney have been uncomfortable because of her at least once. I'm not even going to talk about her appearance because there is no substance to that. Here's my two cents: WAKE THE FUCK UP AND REALIZE YOU ARE NOT A QUIRKY CHARACTER IN A WES ANDERSON FLICK.

Update: Someone literally just told me that she built a tower of bricks or something in a class and then it fell down while everyone else was silent and she just said "ok". WHAT THE FUCK
Student 1: Did you see that Riley Flaherty girl?
Student 2: Yeah! She ran into me doing 45 down a fucking hallway and she didn't even say anything. Do you think she's retarded?
Student 1: Don't know, don't care.
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