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Located in the rich town of Rochester, Michigan, where all the kids get a brand new Ford Escape on their 15th birthdays. The schools name describes the kids in it: "Stoner Creek". Most students go to basement parties where they get wasted and usually receive MIP's in their free time. some common sayings: "this is legendary", "ferda", "turn up", and "turn down for what". Breeds from the boring hell of a middle school, labeled "Hart Middle School", where teachers get suspended for sexual harassment at least twice a month. Stoney is known for it's security guards sending nudes to sophomores & proposing to students. Girls at Stoney Creek wear massive amounts of make up; bronzer in particular.
"Breaking News: Security Guard accused of sending inappropriate texts/photos to student at Stoney Creek High School, tonight at 6."

"Did you hear about that Stoney Creek party? Apparently like 5 kids got mipped."
by beepdeeplittlepeep2 January 14, 2014
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