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A "Right-to-be-righter" is somebody who fights for the right to be right every time.
Whenever anybody presents an opinion that is not one they agree with, right-to-be-righters jump up and down and make ridiculous claims about the person's ethnicity, intelligence, sexuality, politics, religion, nationality, etc etc. all the while insisting that they are only trying to take away their rights. Which are: "the right to be right"

Most of the time, right-to-be-righters are wrong. If they were ever right, they would not be right-to-be-righters.
"I told him that the government is not Marxist, and he punched me in the face and started running around screaming that I was wrong and I was a pinko anarchist faggot. You know what?"

"Yup, shore do. Another right-to-be-righter."
by 32beansin1pod March 19, 2010
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