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Right Wing Liberal is a liberal whose liberalism is close to the old definition of liberalism. A right wing liberal stands for equality in opportunity and liberty. A left wing liberal in contrast stands for equality in outcomes and COULD be supportive of an oppressive democracy. Both left and right wing liberals are accepting of people of all races, faiths and sexualities. A perfect issue to differentiate a right wing liberal from a left winger would be the issue of private businesses having to serve all of their customers irrespective of their religious beliefs. A left wing liberal would want the businesses run by Catholics to not deny their service in a gay wedding. A right wing liberal too would prefer that, but would rather see the business owners make the right choice rather than the government forcing them to do so by the threat of an expensive penalty. When it comes to America Right Wing liberals also tend to respect the constitution way more than left wing liberals. The right to own a gun of any kind for example.

Right Wing liberals also tend to be more for individuality than collectivism. Right wing liberals acknowledge that people are different and thus their money making ability differs too. Their concept of equality in opportunity as it applies to economics is not denying any person to pursue his business interests in a free market. Left wing liberals on the contrary believe in class warfare and wealth redistribution.
Left wing liberal: There is a gender wage gap, with women making less than men. We need to eliminate it by rewarding women more for same work.

Right wing liberal: That does not sound liberal to me. You get paid proportional to your productivity. If any pay differences exist, it may be because productivity differences exist.
by Iskandar May 09, 2015
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