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In a Right Triangle Chat one person is continously speaking and the other one is responding "Hmm" or "K" or "me too" or making smileys just for the sake of chat. Just like in a right triangle one side is up and other one is low, in RTC one person is just going and going and the other person responding by one word. It indicated the lack of interest by the other person in a chat.
Eric: Do you remember last time we chatted and i told you how i fell down from the chair.
Ashley: hmm
Eric: Well i been to doctor this morning and he said i got a minor fracture on my right arm.
Ashley: k
Eric: Hope i get well soon since my baseball matches are coming up and i need to practice.
Ashley: (y)
Eric in his mind "Its again one Right Triangle Chat (RTC) going on. I must stop texting her.
by Reet Awwsum May 24, 2013
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