N. Shortened form of outright bitch. Someone who is unbelivably bitchy for no apparent reason.
Me: Oh, excuse me!
Woman in line: Fuck off!
Me: What a right bitch!
by Jule's Fro June 30, 2006
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This phrase is spoken when someone has one up 'd another. Basically they won, were correct, or their team has destroyed yours.
Fan 1: My team is the best! Your team is going down!!

Fan 2: Ha no way. Your team sucks. Losers!

*Fan 1's team wins*

Fan 1: That's right bitch!
by Cashmars October 16, 2011
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The rights of a bitch/Friend with benefit/booty call.
Bitches rights entitles said friend to a small favour every now and again. This extends to saving their bacon, lying for, getting the kettle on and bed therapy.
bird " mate, i've just driven a hundred miles, I'm calling bitches rights. get a brew on, i'm gaspin"

bird " mate, its been a long FKN day, i'm calling bitches rights, i need to ride this SHT out."
by Acheivment_Unlocked September 20, 2011
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The person at your job whom your boss always relies on/ gives the best projects too, and who usually pretends to be oblivious to this but secretly loves it.
"Man, there's hardly any work to do"
"Yeah, except for Luciel, she just does the bosses bidding for him all day"
"Yeah, that's because she's his right hand bitch"
by Edinburghssuiteheart September 7, 2009
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Phrase used on a person who is behaving/speaking in a highly bitchlike manner.
Jonathan: "Al Gore drank my apple juice."
Briana: "You actin like a real bitch right now"
by straight_evil August 8, 2006
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