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A Rig Ratchet (or wax ratchet) is a highly specialized ratchet unique to the dab / hash culture. The rig ratchet can often be found nude or half nude on Instagram or Snapchat, smiling like a doughnut while billowing out clouds of questionably attained cannabis smoke. They can be further identified by their cries of "I never pay for dabs" while they brandish "hetti" glass provided by suitors.
When a rig ratchet enters the larval stage, she tries to attach herself to a self proclaimed "extract artist" by means of exposed mammary glands and suggestive social media posts. When a suitable mate has been identified through the "like" and "poke" system, the rig ratchet will metamorphose into a faux trap queen, believing herself to be vital to to her "bae"'s continued black market drug peddling.
They will continue to feed off of their "extract artist" until a stronger mate makes themselves known or until the rig ratchet can no longer solicit attention from competing mates. This may or may not include producing offspring with said "bae", often not knowing who the father is until the moment of birth. This process can be substituted or supplemented by infecting the "extract artist" with an incurable sexually transmitted infection (herpes being the most common weapon in this arsenal)
That girl is such a nasty rig ratchet, as if she'd even be able to find dabs if she hadn't infected that drug dealer.
by Mr.Catastrophe April 30, 2016
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