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Ridz or Ridzert is a person who is known for his short attention spam and adventurous nature. Due to the name the person mostly has a multicultural background and prides himself to have legendary social skills. These skills are mostly intended for good, but now and again the Ridz will implement his social abilities to test the characters of people around him in teasing ways. A Ridzert feels a strong need to be close to friends and family. He is a guy that does not measure himself in succes, money or materialistic things but in the quantity of hardcore friends that surround him. For male friends he is a great wingman and for the ladies he is the perfect gent. Still the Ridz has a lot of pride and ego so if you take it too far as a friend be sure that you will be kicked out of the circle of trust as soon as you popped in. Ridzert is known to be very creative. To express this creativity he will most probably play an instrument and even play in a band or two. He likes to play the hero and is known for his optimistic nature. If you have a ridzert in your surroundings be sure to treasure this friendship.
"He is pulling a Ridz" ( Doing something silly and adventurous)
by Jennifer Body February 06, 2010
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