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School in the greater Jacksonville, FL area containing a large amount of babyhoes and takeoffs. RHS is known for dumbasses smoking in the bathroom and an abundance of portables that smell of piss and shit. The school has the dumbest rules in the county, yet no one cares to follow them. Was a bomb ass school until the 10-11 year when little prep takeoffs loaded the school. The school is considered to be one of the better schools in the area, but it is only because the I.B. kids are there. The word takeoff originated here. Deffinetly, the party school of Clay County and most drama filled.
Thing 1: Did you see Jeremy smoking in the bathroom?

Thing 2: Of course, thats nothing different from last period.

Thing 1: *shakes head* Only at Ridgeview High School!
by iHateTakeoffs November 17, 2010
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A school in Orange Park, FL that harbors the IB Program and thus contains all the smart kids within 50 miles. Rival to Fleming Island Highschool witch is a school of sluts and dumbasses. Best school ever. Best Drumline.
Ridgeview High school kid: hey whats up?
Fleming kid: i dont know, im dumb
by ridgeview February 06, 2007
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