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Catch phrase of SNL skit character Kaitlin, played by Amy Poehler, in reference to her stepfather Rick, played by Horatio Sanz.
One time I was on the trampoline with my roller skates on and I tried the back flip. But I jumped too high. And I flew up in the air. And I thought I was a goner. And time stood still. And I made eye contact with a bird. And the bird was looking at me like "You have not mentally prepared enough for this back flip, I will guide you safely back to earth". And then I landed but I was still so scared. And I ran inside and was like "Take me to Taco Bell, Rick! I need a tostada to calm my nerves! I need to make a run for the border!!" Remember that?! Rick! Rick! Rick!
by CupcakeMafia September 19, 2009
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