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aka carpe diem nihilism. The idea that nothing matters so you should have as much fun as possible. Not true nihilism but instead a 16- 22 year olds interpretation of classic nihilism where fun would be equally irrelevant. Popular with college age yuppies to excuse the dumb things they do being out of the house for the first time coming from a high middle class family and never having met much resistance causing them to overcompensate by drinking underage doing drugs and generally being a snob. Overlooks consequential suffering and lacks indifference. The worst offenders call themselves "smart" while possibly being as dipshit thumb in the ass stupid as most of their peers.
tim: nobody belongs anywhere nobodies alive on purpose carpe diem, this is TRUE nihilism jon. *hits exspensive single malt wiskey .
jon: shutup faggot you wasted 4 years of your life at a sleepaway camp for adults and still live with 3 roomates and smoke weed everyday and you're almost 30 years old. You didn't think I would recognize rick and morty? Rick & Morty nihilism Tim? if you really believe nothing matters why do you complain so much? Is that why you're wasting your life on a shitty job that you hate? But why would you if it didn't matter. I thought it doesn't matter Tim? NOTHING matters Tim.
by sam hyde June 05, 2018
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