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A man who thinks he is wealthy/rich, but actually has only possessions and qualities of a homeless, filthy man. Richturds often live in trailers such as Winnebagos, that don't run, have cigarette burns in every sheet, pillowcase and shirt, posses what appears to be a 'lavish' dog such as a chihuahua or a Pomeranian, drink canned pink lemonaid and drain the trailer sewage into any nearby run off. A richturd can often drive a run down car like an old Cadillac or Saturn, but they feel as if they are rich because of the plastic rims and tape player they stole to make the car 'one worth having'. They often know nothing of real wealth and live like a pile of poop. Richturds are not to be dated.
Dude, check out that whack ass Datsun. Are those plastic pink rims!? Look at the hooker in the back! that's for sure a Richturd. I've seen him before.
by roanne wilder January 17, 2015
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