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--1. n.-a small township in Vermont, United States, located on the Canadian border: 'Richford-Town'; --2. n.- an experiment involving different social welfare services to merge toghether- unemployed laborers, feral children, full-figured battered women, ex-convicts, minors without legal guardians, con-artists, it's purpose to create a comedy live performance show: 'The Richford-Festival'; --3. adj.- word drived from the Abenaki language for 'Retarded', the variation of the word was used in a statement made by the famous Roger's Rangers when they forsaw the harsh conditions lying await in their ecsape route back to Massachusetts colony from Canada during the French and Indian War; 'This is going to be Richford'; --4. adj.- used specifically to associate legendary hardship, tryst, determination, in any attempt that falls short of the objective goal.
That's how it got all Richford.
by Merc Dur Dedurt May 24, 2011
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