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A car, usually of Japanese decent, though can be an American made car ex. (Dodge Neon, Chevy Caviler) where the looks of the car often deceive most people into believing that the car actually does produce enough power to make it to 60mph in under 10sec. due to body kits, rims and tires, spoliers, and decals and or stickers placed on Rice ride.
Other modifications to a Rice ride that are often made are...

-Mufflers imitating the sound that a real exhaust system was placed on their car when in fact, they have not been.
-Spoilers that you could do a pull-up on from behind the car
-Body kits with grills made out of chicken wire
-Tint so they (ricers) will not get embarrassed when riding in their own car
-Aftermarket decals/stickers placed on their car saying that they have ex. "V-Tec" when in fact, they do not. “Type R” stickers are also very common among ricers
-Wheels/tires costing more than the car itself
-When it takes off you immediately turn to the person next to you (unless you happen to be by yourself, which you will still find yourself in the same situation) and laugh uncontrollably.
"I didnt know Ford made a V-Tec"
"They dont"
"Then why does his V-6 Mustang say V-Tec on the back?"
Rice ride.

"Hey man did you fart?"
"No man, Pete just started his Civic"

A car that looks like it wants to go fast, but cant because its a rice ride

by Wordz are Reel October 23, 2006
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