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Riagain usually has a big attitude. She can rock any hair colour. She will steal ur man. Her fashion sense is amazing. She is usually a sporty person. You’ll probably see her out on a Saturday night partying. Usually the leader and prettiest in the group. Her figure is usually to die for.
Omg is that Riagain?
Yes of course it is who else can rock a cap like that!
by Volleyballer00 October 28, 2019
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a girl who is perfect, looks like a barbie, usually has purple or GINGER hair. shes so funny and amazing, knows who her true friends are and knows when to be loud and when to be quiet. loves her friends alot, and stands up for them all the time, she'd do anything for her bestfriends and family. never does p.e but likes to dance, is usually obsessed with a family who's second names begin with 'M' x
person; wow, look at her, who is she?

person; aw thats riagain<3
by lauzzabee2kaii4! April 21, 2011
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