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The definition comes from Sydney, Australia, although it was coined in Melbourne, Australia.

Originally said to a girl by the name of Rhonda, it is typically used when a girl/woman/sexy chick is looking so fine, that she needs a whole new adjective to define just how fine she is looking or when the adjectives in the lexicon are not enough to describe how good she is looking ...

This word is a combination of RHONDA and DELICIOUS and was first coined about the Oz actress Rhonda L

This can also be used with other girls names (Fergalicious), although is perfect for this name due to the phonetic sound delicious at the end of the name
(A girl called Rhonda enters the room - looking so fine that all people in the room are awestruck)

Spiro: OMG
Rhonda: Yo dude, why is your mouth so agape?
Spiro: You are looking so fine girl, you are quite simply Rhondaliscious!!
Rhonda: Spanks! (blushes)
by Slambro April 10, 2011
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