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Very similiar to Provo All Star. Some main distinctions that are commonly viewed among Rexburg All Stars:
1) Go to BYU-Idaho because its the only University they can afford to go to.
2) Go to BYU-Idaho because their parents are Uber Holy and tell them they must go to THIS school.
3) Go to BYU-Idaho because their parents are Uber Holy and tell them they must go to THIS school IF THEY WANT tuition, rent, 2012 BMW, Laptop, and everything else paid in FULL for.
Especially number 3.
Also, Rexburg All Stars tend to congregate around the Tuscany apartments or The Ridge apartments due to the lack of rules and care for modesty and morals. Typically they try to find the slutty, horny ass girls that roam at Off-Campus Parties or Dances that happen occasionally. Usually these are girls that also came to BYU-Idaho because of their parents demands and or leverage with "Financial Endorsement" like the rest of the cooler and more attractive students who don't give a shit about the honor code.
Also, Rexburg All Stars tend to tell people "I came to BYU-I because my parents are paying for it" or "There is a 2-1 girl boy ratio, E-Z rump on my junk."
Usually typical locations to find Rexburg All Stars will be World's Gym, Anytime Fitness, or even the School Fitness Center on campus. Conversations tend to include how big their muscles are, how many girls they've hooked up with, and how many girls they will hook up with in the semester.
(World Gym)
Dude 1: Who the hell is that guy working biceps with one hand while using the other to take pictures of himself right in front of those 5 girls on ellipticals?
Dude 2: Oh, you mean the dude with the monster hat, spray tan, sperry's, and cut off tank top?
Dude 1: Yeah!
Dude 2: That's just one of the local Rexburg All Star's here, Betcha 5 bucks he'll get 5 phone numbers before he's through with his workout.
Dude 1: Nah man I already know those chicks are sluts, he'll have no prob doing that.
Dude 2: Rexburg... God let's leave and never come back.
by WhattaKid October 06, 2012
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