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I'd like a review of the definition for auNeck that was recently denied:


An auNeck is a fan of the University of Auburn football team in Opelika, Alabama.

They sprang forth from one man named Shug and he taught them all to be whining, antagonistic, unrealistic, crying, sniveling, arrogant fools.

They keep it down home and cheat incessantly and are insanely jealous of their richer, smarter, and better looking neighbors, the University of Alabama Crimson Tide football fans.

auNeck's chief characteristics are their innate ability to steal, cheat, lie, kill small animals, and hire football coaches with no teeth.

auNecks will never tell the truth and can't be trusted.
auNeck was denied while Bammer has been readily accepted many times. I feel this is a form of discrimination and unfair practices.

review of auNeck.
by CtrlAltDel October 22, 2012
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