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Reverse fossilisation or reverse fossilization is to turn a robot into a organic life forum like from Futurama Episode "Anthology of Interest II" Bender turning into a Human.
Farnsworth: Good news, everyone! I've invented a way to turn Bender into a human using a process I call "reverse fossilisation".

Leela: How does it work?

Farnsworth: Well, in regular fossilisation, flesh and bone turn to minerals. Realising that, it was a simple matter to reverse the process. I've already tested it by turning the toaster into a racoon.

He puts the racoon on a table. It runs around and two slices of toast pop out of it. Fry takes a bite.

Fry: Kinda game-y.

Farnsworth: Are you ready, Bender?

Bender: I dunno. I'm beginning to have some second thoughts--

Farnsworth throws a switch and Bender is zapped with electricity � la the countless Frankenstein films. He slowly starts to take human form. He grows hair, a nose and...

Hermes: Cover your shame, mon!

He puts some underpants on Bender. The table tips up and human Bender walks off. Everyone gasps.

Farnsworth: It worked! Eat it, everyone whose never won a Nobel Prize! And that includes you, Amy!
by Ramaness December 19, 2009
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