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This is the ultimate prank to play on a male friend, who in his mind believes he is God’s gift to women or considers himself "Don Juan". The goal is to introduce your male friend to hot girl, one you know he will be interested in seducing. The girl has to be in on the prank. Once the introduction is made and the two go off to fool around the bait is set. The goal is for the girl to NOT sleep with the male friend but to definitely get him very interested in seeing her again. Then YOU the friend can begin the prank. You have to call your guy friend "Don Juan" and tell him you were over at your girls house who you set him up with and you saw on her computer a collage of pictures and love letter type stuff on her computer that are all about "Don Juan" essentially letting him know she is very obsessed with him and has pictures of him all over her apartment. You can even tell him that she has a picture of him as the background on her cell phone. The bottom line is to make your guy friend "Don Juan" believe that the girl is a little crazy and more importantly is stalking him. The beautiful thing about this prank is you can allow it to continue for 1 day or 30 days, just as long as "Don Juan" doesn't get too disturbed by the situation. The minute you think he really does believe she is stalking him and is completely in love, is when you call him up to tell him about the prank. At which point "Don Juan" feels like a douche and finally does realize he really isn't God’s gift to women!
Hey man you remember that hot girl Noelle from the other night? "yeah I remember her" Well I used her to do the "Reverse Don Juan" on our friend Cody. He totally believes that she is stalking him right now and he will not even come over to the house for dinner cause he is afraid she will be there too. I told him it's not that big of a deal but he was like hells no! I guess I am going to have to call him up and tell him what the real story is regarding her, cause you know he was totally down with her prior to the "Reverse Don Juan" being set. "sweet I want to be in the room when you tell him, I can wait to see his face!!!" I bet he tries to take her out again once he realizes it was a prank, cause now he knows she is hot and down for games!
by TheCraw2 September 11, 2009
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