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This is wash day plus two. Running out of briefs (smalls) necessitates urban swimming in your speedos and as we all know they are basically a 'reserve' pair of briefs for this occasion. Reverse speedos are 'stretching the envelope' of the concept into another day!!
The Dude is such a lazy slob, rather than nailing his laundry last night he's doing reverse speedos today!
by 192DUG December 18, 2011
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When a man start shaving his pubic hair and then continues to expand the shaved area until it looks like a pair of speedos of no hair.
I walked out of the bathroom with what looked like a reverse Speedo. I had become so caught up in the clean-up effort that I had totally forsaken any attempt to blend. Each swath removed led to another that seemingly needed to go. The end result was a totally unnatural ruler-straight line of hair running across my waist about two inches below my belly button and oddly smooth upper thighs.
by A truly random unused name August 13, 2010
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