A Reverse Whoosh occurs when someone pretends, as a joke, not to "get" someone else's joke, by satirizing someone correcting the original joke teller. When others, in turn, try to correct and mock the stupidity of the person pretending not to get the original joke - only now in earnest, thereby revealing their own stupidity and lack of humor - they themselves have fallen prey to the old Reverse Whoosh.
guy 1: "......squid pro quo" a pun
guy 2: "Actually, it's "QUID pro quo," not "SQUID." It's Latin." a joke
guy 1 or 3: "whoosh!" i.e., my/his joke went right over your head
guy 2: "reverse whoosh" i.e., no, but mine went over yours
by downtownjohnson October 03, 2019
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