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Reverse Speak is a method of physiological propaganda. (see Concern Trolling) Whereas perpetrators present purposeful misinformation to their target group while feigning allegiance (Usually by presenting said information inside in-group zones or by using their dialect) While usually being targeted at newer or casual members, this can cause confusion, misdirection and strife among the whole group. When done in large enough numbers can cause a domino effect when users take the misinformation as the status quo, and begin to echo said information among other users. If done for a long enough time (new users will mould themselves to new information) will cause a maturity plateau. Where legitimate users who believe said misinformation will out-populate or out-control the original users belief systems. Reverse speak is when these newer users unknowingly or inadvertently echo the previously stated misinformation. Believing it to be speech of the group.
Pro Bernie-Sanders message board

Perpetrator:"Backing Hillary Clinton is the only way to win the elections against Trump, he is an evil man who cannot be allowed to win"

member:"Bernie Sanders is great and all, but Hillary is our only chance at winning"
LATER member Status Quo:"Hillary Clinton 2016, we can try to get Bernie in office next time"
EVEN LATER member Status Quo:"Bernie is actively taking away votes from Hillary. Stop talking about him or you will be banned.
Original member not status quo anymore:"This was originally a Bernie Sanders board, how did it come to this"
member status quo :"You are a shill from the Trump team. Stop trying to destroy our message board!
Original member not status quo anymore:"You are reverse speaking".
by handlehandlefandle December 20, 2017
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