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-1.Character made popular by the underground novels Rev T Rock and The Holy Rollers, Rev T Rock and the Church of the Funky Sepulchre, and The Hunt for Rev T Rock

2.Alias used by various musicians in the underground rave scene while trying new or experimental sounds which vary drastically from what they would usually play under their performing names. Esp. near Honolulu, HI and Seattle, WA

3.term used to describe someone whose actions are misunderstood as intentionally criminal

4.someone who is acting in a sociopathic fashion while believing the overall good of society is benefetting from said actions
5.someone possessed by the revolution force, b-also, "sleeping with Rev T Rock"
6.someone obsessed with a goal either to the point of being oblivious or indifferent to the damage caused in pursuit of the goal or accepting of the damage caused
7.abbr. "Rock The Revolution"
1- I just finished reading The Hunt for Rev T Rock and was shocked by what happened to the main character, Reverend T. Rock.

2- There was a Reverend T. Rock performance at Seventeen's last night, but it wasn't very good; DJ Screwball is spinning tonight as Rev T Rock, it's a sold out show.

3-a- She was referred to as Reverend T. Rock after letting the teenagers drink in her basement to keep them off the streets.
-b- He had no idea the sound system was causing migraines, but was still referred to as Reverend T. Rock.

4- Arvin Sloane's quest to bring Rambaldi's inventions to fruition made him a regular Reverend T. Rock

5- a-Jimi Hendrix was Reverend T. Rock for a few years, for sure.
b- I think Abby Hoffman was sleeping with Reverend T. Rock.

6- Using war to conquer in the hope of securing a lasting peace turns one into Reverend T. Rock

7- Ever since that stoner got back from Burning Man he's been spray painting REV T ROCK all over everything.
by Cool Willy Smith April 07, 2006
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