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When your friend tells you they got you a present, but decided not to tell you what it is before the d-day. Instead of waiting all alone, you also get them a present and let them receive it on the same day, so you both have the expectations for the same amount of time.
Jordan is such an amazing friend, he got me a present two weeks before my birthday, while waiting, I am making him a painting without telling him what it will be, this is my revenge-gift, because revenge gifting is a thing.
by yoyo42 July 18, 2018
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The gift you or your children give after receiving a crappy present, particularly at Xmas. OR

Gifting someone a totally inappropriate present, because throughout the year they have continually pissed you off.
I think we need to revenge-gift Sammy for his birthday after he gave the kids those drums, cymbals and horns for Xmas. OR

I think Jim needs some little blue pills as a revenge gift for his 21st after what he did at mine.
by Jim Shoo December 27, 2010
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