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Any refrigerator built during the mid 20th century. These nifty fridges are easy to identify, as they are usually covered in a lot of chrome, badges and will likely have rounded edges. Kelvinator, Philco, Smeg were some of the more well-known fridge manufacturers of the era.

Retro refrigerators are highly sought after by those who have an eye for neat stuff. Basically if you're into art, then you'll like retro fridges. These fridges are relics from a bygone time when women wore stockings and suspender belts, cars were awesome and rockn'roll was the big thing.

Sadly, thanks to the usual groups of lunatics, retro fridges are slowly becoming extinct. Crusty environmentalists always slander these great old appliances, calling them "inefficient". Apparently, some people care more about "energy efficiency" than aesthetics or history.

A modern fridge lasts about six-ten years, tops.
Retro fridges do not break down, they have been going good for 50+ years and will never be beat.
My old Kelvinator fridge is in great condition, it was built in 1957 and still functions fine today. You just have to defrost the excess ice from the upper icebox compartment every month or so...

Go screw yourselves you green-thumbed environmentalists, you'll never take away my gas-guzzling classic car or my electricity-burning Retro Fridge!!
by sahboh11 December 01, 2011
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