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Those songs that make you want to do retard dances or retard vibe. The first retard dance was created by my friend (who gave me permission to mention him) named Gethin. A retard dance is a dance where you let your body go funky and move to the beat. A retard vibe is the solution that comes from retard dancing / silly man moments and listening to retard vibe songs such as "Woah Oh Oh" by Zombie nation. I created the word Retard Vibe after listening to this song and standing up and letting myself go funky funk. Trust me, I knew exactly what it felt like the first time, you will just have to experience it for yourself.
Friend: What are you doing bah?

Me: Retard vibing
Friend: What's that?
Me: It's where you sit down and vibe like a retard or you do a silly man dance.
Friend: So it's just a dance?

Me: NO! It's a vibe, a solution that comes after dancing.

Friend: Ok, I get you know.

Retard Vibes Definition
by MatthewBLongNeck November 19, 2019
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by Jimmed September 26, 2006
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When you get the sense that someone near you is a complete retard.
Robert: Hey Paul.
Paul: What?
Robert: Im getting the retard vibes off that guy?
Paul: Yeah, he does seen weird.
by Teh Camper and l ZombieGuts l October 08, 2011
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