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Retard farming is the act of collecting government money by housing retards and keeping them in poor living conditions, therefore, saving most of the money collected for yourself.

Retard farming can be done in a variety of different ways; here is one of the more rustic examples:
Step 1: Buy a farm.
Step 2: Collect retards from government programs.
Step 3: Put said retards on farm.
Step 4: Allow them to graze the lands in a retarded stupor.
Step 5: Collect government money and become filthy fucking rich.
Farmer 1: "It's been a tough season for retard farming. I heard Farmer Yimie lost 3 retards last week after one of them went all crazy like in a blinded retard rage and killed the others."

Farmer 2: "Well I heard Farmer Eveland lost his whole stock! They dun' got trapped in the barn while in burnt down. Yep, siree! Them retards dun' been so stupid they couldn't figure out how to open the barn door!"
by Jak Jones September 02, 2011
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