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This could commonly happen to anyone at any restroom. Normally your just trying to take care of some business but someone either standing next to you starts talking to you or they are in the next stall talking to you. It is extremely awkward for the recipient, they are normally caught off guard. This is that guy or girl who needs someone to talk them through this challenge they have.

So you restroom talkers leave your conversations to yourself!
Guy1: Hey.
Guy2: Uh, hi.
Guy1: That was an intense game between Arizona and Philadelphia.
Guy2: ..Yeah man it was. *Moves over to next urinal*
Guy2 leaves to friend waiting outside and says "Ugh that was awkward that guy over there is a restroom conversater."
Friend: Yeah I hate it when you meet those people.
by lawl@u March 03, 2009
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