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A website in which you can find Photoshop resources. Including brushes, patterns, textures, and a bunch more stuff. You can also find Photoshop tutorials, and occasionally some downloads. These sites are usually owned by one person, but sometimes have co owners and shit. The owner should be in there teen (or tween) years, and anyone below is a fucking pathetic piece of shit. Resource Site owners are awesome, and if your going to go to there site, you should probably get to know them. The owners of Resource Sites are future graphic designers. Resource Sites came to be because of Myspace, but since that shit is ruined, theyre all around Facebook now. If you look in there signs, you'll see a sitemodel. Look it up if you dont understand.
Daaammnnn! Sandras resource site is THE sexiest I've ever seen!

Fuck man, this bitches resource site sucks charlie sheens imaginary balls.
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