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Fear of requests. May be acute due to ones tiredness or karma but in some situations but more often than not can become chronic. Chronic Requestaphobia can be very serious and is not necessarily related to laziness but the fear of receiving any requests either online or in real life. Requestaphobia can cause a mountain of requests in one's inbox and the sufferer would not be able to delete these due to the risk that they might contain something of importance. As the sufferer is unable to delete the requests or ignore them, they can often snowball to greater numbers causing more extreme fears and a more life drained and anxious individual. It particularly applies to social networking sites that offer requests but may apply to life in general as fear of being expected to do anything.
Last week I requested that Bob would add that "monkey in the jungle' application to his profile but he told me he did not receive it. Now I have sent him further requests and he has stopped answering his phone. I do hope he is not suffering from Requestaphobia.

Person A: Would you please go to the post office and post this letter.
Person B: Arggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!
by Shake N June 23, 2009
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