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-noun - adjective - \ri-ˈpə-bli-tərd\ - A person or persons (including corporations according to the republiturd supreme court since they are now a person) that puts corporate profit over and above the lives, livelihood, health, welfare, safety, or any sort of humane treatment. While trying to sound like a victim. This includes those of Republican, Democrat, and Independent (especially recently "converted" from "republican", and especially including the insane "Tea Party" (teabaggers).
George Bush (daddy and son), Dick Cheney, Joe Lieberman (more of a republiturd lapdog), Sarah Palin, Tea Party People, Democrats (blue dog or whatever) that consistently vote along Republican party lines).

The Republiturds in the Senate stopped a bill to provide health care to the first responders of 9/11, after touting them as American Heros for years before.
by BobsWorld October 01, 2010
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Variant of republitard. A generic inbred redneck asshat republican fucktard. Usually has more fingers than teeth and virtually no conception of reality. Likely to be spotted at a teabagger rally with a misspelled sign. Pronounces the word nuclear as "nuke-you-lar", as in "I'm fixin' to nuke those smelly brown folk with some nuke-you-lar weapons! Yee-haw!"
Sarah Palin, George Bush, and about 99.99999% of all republicans. Notable exceptions: Colin Powell, Robert Gates, and about 5 other guys who hope beyond hope that their political party hasn't been overrun by republiturds.
by Casper the Dopest Ghost May 09, 2010
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