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Creative excuses republicans use to justify their tactics and actions that they not long ago said were reprehensible, un-American, and unethical.

A few (but not all) examples include: the excessive use of executive orders, nepotism, complaining about not having appointees approved immediately after holding the Supreme Court hostage for a year, filling the cabinet with Wall Street insiders after saying they want to 'drain the swamp' of insiders, closing doors to refugees while trying to tout a position of moral superiority, and federal government overreach.
"Mitch McConnell republisplains again! He's trying to convince the public that it's unconscionable if his party's appointees aren't approved immediately after refusing to hold a hearing for President Obama's Supreme Court nominee for an entire year.”

"That guy was republisplaining to me about how giving kids free school lunches lowers their self-esteem."
by Hear Ye February 03, 2017
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