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Repton School Dubai is the most expensive school in Dubai. It is the only boarding school in the Middle East, It will cost you a leg and your kidney to send your kids to Repton, even if they will not board. The school is a "British" school, but is full of rich Arabs who come to school in a new car everyday. The school is massive, It's the biggest in the Middle East, and looks like a medieval castle, probably why almost everybody calls it Hogwarts. Most students are rich and stupid, but there's a lot of high achievers who are quite smart and value the high standard of education the school offers; most teachers are really good but there are some that can't teach to save their lives and are annoying and stupid as shit. Students wear smart posh uniforms, including a tie, blazer, a formal white shirt, and polished black leather shoes; students are sorted into 8 different houses, and each house has a unique tie for their students to wear. The houses are as follows: Jumeirah House, Latham House, Formarke House, Brooke House, Dahl House, School House, Orchard House, and New House. Huge, influential and rich families have sent their children to Repton School Dubai, including royalty from many different countries, about a fifth of the students are boarders, and pay double the school fees just to remain at school after day hours, If you have a huge amount of money to spend, and want your child to experience luxury while at school, then Repton School Dubai would be the best choice!
Chemistry Teacher: What is an Ionic Bond?
Student (while texting on their 4 iPhones): Hold on miss I'm texting my driver to send my maids to bring me my Gucci school shoes to wear, because mine are dirty!
Chemistry Teacher: Anyone else?
Another student (while typing notes on their iPad): It's a strong electrostatic force of attraction between positively charged and metal ions and negatively charged non metal ions! Also what's the time? My Rolex watch doesn't seem to be working properly, the time on it looks wrong and I wanna know how many minutes are left till break!
Other student (while checking his Cartier watch): My watch reads 11:48! You can always rely on Cartier!
Chemistry Teacher: This is the difference between normal schools and Repton School Dubai!
by Udrsd June 14, 2017
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