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Repetitive and Pointless = Rap

The most retarded type of music to ever hit the radio. Rap usually has no point and is just a bunch of random bullsh*t that has been manipulated to rhyme with the sentence before. I.E. fo shizzle my nizzle ... except for "my" none of those were actual words. This is how rap is made. The stupid people that make it, honestly, don't know what they are saying. So, they just ramble on about bitches, hoes, weed, being "gangsta's" and guns until they eventually steal some hard-working persons music and use it as a "beat" for their little pointless "raps". They do this because for the most part, rappers have no actual talent besides being able to find words that rhyme with bitch. Now to alot of people this definition will seem incorrect and "hatin'" to them I say, Go curl up in a dark, dark corner where no one can see you and die.
Rap. Anyone who likes rap is fat and has no friends.
by Rap is 4 the ignorant January 04, 2004
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