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Also known as RADS. It is a disease which permanantly fills the infected with unnecassery rage. Severe cases find social gatherings difficult and cannot be stopped from social self destruction. He will always speak his mind, the problem being that his mind is not a nice place as it is filled with cruel thoughts. A liam is the sworn enemy of the RADS and is their complete opposite to them, therefore they are engaged in a battle that only the RADS victem will win by sudden death.

Repetative Angry Dion Syndrome victems are commonly thought of as "bad", really they are misunderstood. What ever happens, do not let them take the initiative, once they have control you will be ground down, mark my words im a RADS victems bitch all because I let him be the daddy god fucking zilla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Repetative Angry Dion Syndrome sufferer or "RADS" victem "I hate Liam"

Me "Common hes not that bad, hes just a bit dumb"

RADS victem "No I can see it in his eyes, hes planing somthing"

Liam arrives *blank stare*

RADS victem "raaarrrrrrr!. Strikes Liam down with one blow.
by Punkisdead June 15, 2007
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