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Renee Young is a WWE interviewer and commentator. She has her own show on the WWE network called Unfiltered. Also she is currently dating WWE superstar Dean Ambrose, Which causes underage little fan girls to rage because they are jealous they cant date Dean Ambrose.
(Fan) : Hey look its Renee Young!
(Fan 2) : OMG! Shes with Dean Ambrose!
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by Wrasslinfan771 June 27, 2016
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Renee Young is a highly overrated WWE interviewer and commentator. From her debut in 2012, it was made very clear that she knows nothing about professional wrestling besides what she's told and doesn't care for the sport, yet most neckbeards, soccer moms, and hardcore Deanee shippers think the sun shines out of her anus regardless. She has no notable achievements to her resume besides supposedly dating WWE superstar Dean Ambrose after cheating on her real life fiancee, Norm Sousa, with Dean and forcing a "private" Ambrose to go public on Total Divas, where she and Ambrose are sometimes featured but she's not really important or convincing enough to be a main star. She also has her own show on the WWE Network called "Unfiltered." Renee obviously wishes she was a Bella twin and often changes her personal style and interests to fit in with new 'friends' she makes within the WWE.
Vince McMahon: "She knows nothing about the product, let's give Renee Young her own show anyway!"
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by surejanwhatever April 05, 2017
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