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Beautiful, smart, and just AMAZING. If you ever meet aRenée Wasco, your life will instantly become better. You will surely love her. You will smile at the thought of her. It could be because she is just so amazing. It could be that she is the nicest person on the world. She is sweet, kind, but not so funny. Her eyes make you wish you could stare at them longer. Her smile is contagious. Once you see it, you will not be able to control the urge to smile too. Her hair is long, amazing and blonde. Her hair is always perfect; just like everything else about her. Tho she is not as funny, she is the perfect person to tell a joke too because no matter how lame your joke is, she will laugh. And you want her to laugh; she has the most amazing laugh you could ever hear. Her lips will encourage you to kiss her, but be warned... she has a boyfriend for that. She has freckles, but trust me... you have never seen sexier freckles on ANYONE. She is too amazing for anyone to compare to. She is very out going and loves to help people. She is just an amazing, kind-hearted, loving, beautiful(inside and out) and very intelligent person. <3 Renee, You are more than anyone could imagine to have... and I am glad you're mine.
Renée Wasco is amazing. Nuff'said.
by Der3kMau5 January 15, 2013
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