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An Absolutely insane rocket league player that will outdo any pro player especially on NRG and G2. He's super hot, has a ton of friends, has a super loyal girlfriend. And you wouldn't believe it! He's a free agent waiting to be picked up by space station gaming! Remade Is a super insane player and can't be outdone by anyone! He can hit insane flip resets and even air dribble nonstop with no boost. The best part is he's amazing at league of legends, easily out doing any Korean pros, super insane at valiant, and totally better than any of these kids listed at any video game: Anthony, Rhys, Diego, Wahid, Josh F. And anyone from these orgs: Nebula, Relentless, NRG, G2, SSg, Sqs.
Person: Wow look its remade!
Person 2: Wow its the insane guy whos really good at any video game and gets any girl he wants and his friends and parents don't hate him!?
Person: Yes! Ignore why that's oddly specific
by RemadeRL May 03, 2021
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