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A leader of, or someone holding significant power in a political party who enforces his religious views on the public - without taking into account the secular nature of parliament.

This can be achieved either secretly behind doors or publicly, doing whatever they can with whoever they can however they can whenever they can to justify their religious perversion.
1. Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd - even though 60% of Australian's believe in the right for gays and lesbians to marry he doesn't - it's his personal view that they are not equal citizens. He is a practicing catholic/anglican (yeah he does both).

Example: Kevin Rudd is a religious skank because he uses his position within his party to justify muting all discussions within his party about same sex marriage and then claiming that it is party policy.

2. Australian Opposition Leader Tony Abbott - in his previous position as health minister he rejected the abortion pill RU-486, eventually forcing a rare conscience vote in February 2006 on the matter which stripped him of his powers (the drug is now available). Tony Abbott is a practicing catholic.

Example: Tony Abbott is a religious skank because he used his position as health minister to stop the sale of the abortion pill RU-486 in Australia.
by Jayness33 March 01, 2010
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