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Religiosexualism is a belief structure that posits that the only correct sexual behavior is that which has been sanctioned by their particular religious belief. Someone who advocates for Religiosexualism has the agenda to mess up people's minds by pushing their unnatural Religious dogma on otherwise happy human beings.

A religiosexualist would believe that being gay is a condition that is to be overcome by scriptural reading and mental discipline: Someone who believes that being gay is a condition for which there needs to be "a cure".

The Religiosexualist agenda is anti gay behavior, and anti allowing gays to just be themselves. Which, when you think about it, is the same thing as being anti-gay, no matter how much the Religiosexualist doth protest.
Religiosexualism is practiced by devoutly religious people who believe that they know what is best for others regarding their sexuality.

A religiosexualist, for example would be someone who counsels gay people to suppress their natural sexuality and "be cured" to conform to a religious perception of what sexuality is supposed to be.

A religiosexualist will deny that they are "anti-gay" and spin around and insist that gay people may not act upon their natural inclinations, and love, or engage with, people whom they love.
by wordmuffin January 26, 2011
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