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When you've known the person you like for so long that they don't see you as a friend or BFF,they see you as a relative,generally a sibling or a cousin.The ultimate version of the friend zone.
If you met this person during/after (both of) your puberty(ies) and you've gotten to this point without making a move on them,you're a loser and should GKY,if however you entered this stage pre-puberty,you're now aware that the Universe hates you so much that it decided to cockblock/pussyblock you.
Whatsoever,you might still have a chance,bring up a conversation about differents controversial themes,if he/she says incest is ok,go for it.
Me:Ever told you about Female name ?
Friend:The girl you've known since you were like 4?
Me:Yeah,we've always seen eachother as cousins,but now that we're both 13 I've realized that she's really funny and kind,she even likes videogames,she always gets mad when she loses but that makes her even cuter,God I really want to bang her.
Friend:That's like bringing the friendzone to a whole new level,you got relative zone 'd man,biggest cockblock in the history of humanity.

True Story,tho,I ended banging the living shit out of her and now she's my gf,so all of you relativezoned people still have a chance,JUST DO IT.
by CptArgentina March 28, 2016
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