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A person (generally a girl) who is first and foremost a reject.
Secondly, their heels do not touch the floor, resulting in them walking on tiptoes (which is very annoying). They are also incapable of walking down the stairs in a proper manner.
Due to their ridiculous apperance, they have recieved the name "gooseblob", especially since they are not the skinnisest species in the world.
Finally, they have the annoying habit of putting their hands on their hips and shoving out their chest to show off their breasts, which doesnt flatter their appearance at all. And that, my friends, is a Reject Gooseblob!
Dennis: I badly need a date for Saturday dood, or my ass is grass...
Otis: You could take Eleanor!!
Dennis: Fuck no dood, shes a Reject Gooseblob!!
Otis: She ain't that bad...
Dennis: Are you kidding me? You seen her going down the stairs?
Otis: true...Ahh well...Guess I'll be the one waking up to a nice blowjob then...
*laughs* Seeya dood!
by Dennis the Pole Dancer May 15, 2008
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