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Reichel is the last name for the coolest family known to man.. reichel men are renouned for pulling the hottest chicks around.. warning.. keep your girlfriends well away from a 'reichel' because she is sure too fall for his irresistible charms and unbelievable good looks.. Reichel females are usually the ones found passed out drunk on the floor of a nightclub somewhere but are usually smart enough to remember there name and address when ushered into a cab..

Dont fuck with a reichel coz they can fight like a raging bull!
Im not surprised, my girlfriend has left me for a reichel!
by Brendoo83 August 10, 2016
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She is the best girl ever. She will make you have a boner. She is the best kisser and hugger you’ll ever meet. She has the best style and the most lovable girl you’ll ever meet. She’ll have your heart in the snap of her fingers. She is such a girly girl but can be tough when she wants to. She is a family person and loves throwback songs. She catholic and is not ashamed.
Damn reichel so fine doeπŸ₯΅
by daddesucka123 August 10, 2019
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to loquaciously and obtusely spew propaganda and false rhetoric
His nonsense on global warming is full of reichel.
by Milomilitia November 19, 2019
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