She is the Sailor Mars from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. Hino Rei is a young lady with a temper. She is angered easily and can do something about it by threatening to kill, which is possible. There is a good side, though. Rei is sweet and understanding and doesn’t take matters lightly.

One of her personal comforts is the sacred flame of her Shinto religion. It never stops burning and is a guiding light in Rei’s life. She is currently learning to be a priestess, and wishes school would end so she could help out at her grandfather’s temple better. The religion she follows has disciplined her well; Rei can communicate with the fire and sense when things are going wrong. Also, Rei has learned martial arts from her grandfather, which aides her short fuse.

To Usagi’s dismay, Rei is a control freak. If it’s not done her way, it won’t make her completely happy. They both fight constantly because the both of them start it. One minute they’re friends, the next they’re at each others' throats. But that’s how Rei is; her good and bad points are evenly balanced. Her compassion and love for good gives Hino Rei the strength she needs.

As Sailormars, controller of fire, she is powerful. Her command over the flame gives her a cutting edge over her opponents. Mars is a good Senshi who uses her brain as well as her strength. She was second to return after Sailormoon, and like Sailormercury, saved the day upon arrival. Using an ignited ball of fire as her first attack, Sailormars has always made the odds even.
by Samurai Katsu September 24, 2003
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