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She is a angel from heaven. she makes everyone smile. she loves to be rude. she loves everyone that's her friends. if she don't like you she going to tell you straight up. she is the type to don't give a f*** what people say about her. she's so beautiful. She loves to make people laugh and cry. she is just a slaying queen. she don't talk to fake people.💓
Rehanna is so cute over there
by Reynolds May 10, 2018
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Rehanna are girls that don't give a fuck.They will know alot of people like them but would rather break their hearts and stay single.They are people that are nice to people they don't know but mean to those they do know.They don't fall in love easily or don't believe in love at all.They are not crybabies,but overall they are good people.
Friends: Rehanna that boy likes you
Rehanna: He ugly I don't like him NEXTT
by Megan rgg March 04, 2019
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God favourite angel, A beautiful Gorgeous human being. Who has the mind of a child, but expresses it in the cutest way possible. She is lovely and cares for everyone she loves. She is one of the best people you will meet. She the type to Love Justin bieber more then anything else. She also Loves her boyfriend Chris alot
by unknown dog January 03, 2012
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