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Blogging a controversial topic by making sure to include as many links to all the blogs that have already blogged and commented the topic until even the mention of the issue makes one want to vomit.
"There have been enough electrons wasted over the inappropriate proposition by Elevator Guy (see <ins>here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here</ins>.) And don't forget to see the posts I wrote<u> here, here here and the comments here. </u>

But I don't think that the situation has been settled, <u>even here, here here, here or here.</u>

So, I will try to explain once again and perhaps get through to the rest of the internet, even though Smith has made great headway over <u>here.</u>

Just don't accuse me of regurgi-linking.
by Puddin'Head July 04, 2011
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