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A fictional Italian immigrant (invented by the talkradar podcast) who smells heavily of olive oil and fettucini. He is known for his heavy build, heavier breathing and oversize somewhat smollen phalanges that resemble sausages and his own genitalia. The only thing heavier than the olive oil he uses to style his hair is his new jersy accent. As for atire he wares only the finest in glass pants and spaghetti and sweat stained plain white T-shirts. He was put into power by Norwegian King Herald V as the keeper of the shrew's. He suffers from recurring heart failures but carriers emergency electrodes with him to combat the failures when they occure.
Regal Sir Lord Duke Duke Lumbardi has been known to: tire after running, tire after walking up stairs, tire after reading, tire after rasing children, tire after getting out of bed tire after walking, eating several servings of shrew based meat sauce without pasta, he is famous for secreating a delicious high fat substance that has been syntheticly replicated for use in the American fast food industry and most notebly for it's application to twinkies during the 1980's.
by midget giraffe January 02, 2010
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