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An eccentric Norwegian King who has control over name's, that is to say he change the names of people,places, hair care products, the titles of sequels to disney classics and Hanna Montana songs. His powers comes from a rather flamboyant scepter has been known to release deffening noises upon it's use which is why King Herald allows for a brief pause inbetween each usage in order for the ringing sound in his ears to subside. recently scintists were allowed to observe this scepter and found it's suppernatural power is apperant nullified the north korean province of P'Yonganamdo Kim Jong Il released a statement saying that his scientist's had figured out a way to protect themselves from the name changing powers of Norway using nuclear technology. Scientists reported that the cases of radiation realated death in the province had increased by 85%.

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Norwegian King Herald V notable acts: appointment on Regal Sir Lord Duke Duke Lumbardi as the keeper of the shrew's
Norwegian King Herald V has been know to: eat a shrew based diet and Pasta prepared by Regal Sir Lord Duke Duke Lumbardi, wears a cloak made from shrew's that has been passed down from generation to generation and is a proud symbol of norwegian leadership skills.
by midget giraffe January 02, 2010
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